Throughout the world of timekeeping, Swiss Military Hanowa timepieces are well renowned for their outstanding design and classy excellence in addition to their intrinsic core essence that connects with that nation’s proud military history. It’s a thematic feature that’s evident in all of the brand’s dynamic sports watches: style, strength, functionality and utmost reliability.


Timberland is a leading American manufacturer of clothes, shoes and accessories with an all new, exclusive range in wristwatches. With watch product designs that are more suitable for outdoor usage, the globally renowned brand prides itself in its rich New England heritage and in an innate outdoor ruggedness that’s both the signature and the essence of the brand.


Carrying a sporty outlook and a radical spirit, be it leisure or formal-wear, the POLICE brand perfectly embodies haute-couture style, attitude and flashy showmanship to those with an active, dynamic lifestyle. This modern brand and its quintessentially flamboyant timepieces are themselves symbols of precision, technical expertise and superior quality.


AVI-8 stands to affirm the best engineers and pilots who came together over time to produce cutting-edge flying machines that were designed for aerial combat and defense. Synchronizing the mechanical savvy and intricate design of these timepieces, the brand pays homage to the iconic aircraft models and the technical expertise that went into their construction.


Named after one of Britain’s most reputed watchmakers, these classy timepieces celebrate the legacy of renowned watchmaker James McCabe for his contribution as a fine craftsman of classic time-instruments. A highly collectable brand name, the sheer variety of its immaculate designs and the prestige behind its manufacture is revered by watch-owners worldwide.


Often regarded as the “Father of the Modern Chronometer”, Thomas Earnshaw’s exquisite marine timepieces were found on the most historic voyages of the 19th century. Today Earnshaw chronometers pay homage to a gallant era of maritime and naval adventure that’s very much an intrinsic part and parcel of its product design and technology.


The very first Maserati models arrived early on in the scene with genuinely one-off creations designed to minute perfection. Today each series in its collection of exclusive chronometers boast classy timepieces which are inspired by the designs of its fleet: all symbols of style and mechanical excellence where the vintage soul of this collection can be found in the details.


A relatively recent addition to the famous brand offering, Pepe Jeans launched its dynamic wristwatch series with a vengeance. Be it leisure or formal wear, this close to casual product range conjures a smart, savvy haute-couture image on its wearer that helps radiate an easy-going effortlessness that is also the brand’s unique signature and essence.


The combination of lightness and robustness is the key to the success of the Sector brand now famous for stylistic time-keeping. The product range is designed for those energetically charged with a penchant for flair, attitude and an active dynamic in their lives. These quintessentially flamboyant timepieces are symbols of precision and technical expertise of a superior quality.


In keeping with the loose and affable, chic uber-essence this international brand famous for its smart-casual clothing line, the Lacoste range of wristwatches for the modern urbanite is equally clever, nifty and highly charming. An overall laid-back, relaxed showmanship is what these watch products exude in their quintessential simplicity.


Dressing impeccably for any situation is what this internationally regarded brand is all about.  Staying true to its designer’s motto that image perfection is absolutely everything, the Hugo Boss series of ornate, glitzy timepieces make way for the trendy dynamic busybody to look good and confident while having access to practical time-management right there on his wrist.


With a rough canvas, leather and bulky stitching to create an on-trend rancho-cowboy look, LEE, the original American blue-jeans brand entered the wristwatch market targeting the urban cowboy with a nomadic attitude, quick to adopt emerging fashion. Up-to-the-minute in style and technology, these watches are high in quality, dynamic in look and quite affordable.